onsdag 2. november 2011

5 November, Tepper som Varmer

Lørdag 5 November 
møtes vi i kirken og syr 
Tepper som Varmer.
Vi møtes kl. 10.00 og 
holder åpent til kl. 16.00.
Bilder fra Jubileumsutstilling i 2010,
rom med Tepper som Varmer.
Velkommen !
Lena Karen

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  1. I love you small quilts and the little girls dresses! My 9 year old granddaughter just made her first skirt! My passion is quilt history. Stop by Quilt History Reports and check my list of previous post-subjects. Some are long like a story with lots of photos and some are short with a few photos. I love to research and write about quilt history! The more quilts that are made, the more future quilt historians will have to write about so keep up the good work! karenquilt.blogspot.com


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